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OMG!!! What is the hottest band around McFLY!<3!!<3!!! We share a devotion for the men of Mc Fly- Danny (guitar/vocals), Dougie (bass/vocals), Harry(drums), and Tom (guitar/vocals). Alhtough we cannot travel all the way to the Uk to watch their magnifico concerts, we hope to create a large fan base in the US. Who knows, if we get enough people, OMG they could come to AMERICA!!!! So kick up the volume and relax and lets talk about the hotness and talent that is McFly
McFly rocks me hard babee!!!<3<3!!!

NOTE: While this fanclub is made for McFly lovers in the United States, you do not have to from or in the US to join. We welcome any worshippers of McFly's hotness and talent!

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