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6/24/06 @ 06:08pm

McFly said on their MySpace blog that they're in Ireland working for their third album. What is the second album called because I don't seem to know anything about it.   :-\

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Just My Luck5/30/06 @ 03:43pm

Hello! I'm new, and I saw Just My Luck yesterday. Although it wasn't the first time I'd heard of McFly, it WAS the first time I'd heard any of their songs. But now I'm hooked! 

So, has anyone else seen the movie? Comments?

And also, does Tom remind you Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies? I mean, they even have the same intials. Lol!

mood: happy
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5/26/06 @ 02:18pm

Hey have you seen McFly's performance on CD:USA? There is a link to it on the official website, or you can just go here:

It has them performing 5 Colours in Her Hair and an interview.  Is it just me, or does Tom say "I'd like to bone her 'cause she puts me in the mood" instead of phone her?  I definately got a laugh out of that :)

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Just My Luck album5/15/06 @ 12:59am

So has anyone actually picked this up yet? I got Room on the Third Floor when I was in England a couple of years ago, and I saw that some of the tracks are on their first US release too.

I checked out the snippets on iTunes though, and I noticed that they seem to have re-recorded some of the songs for this release. Any opinions on how they compare?

I actually got into the band because of the retro-surf guitar vibe they had on that 5 Colours in Her Hair but it's replaced with a bit of an annoying/generic electric guitar, even if the vocals are less clearly teenaged. Is the trade off worth it for the other songs? I also just never got around to picking up Wonderland or whatever, but I'm guessing they've just totally ditched the beach motif. Some of their more standard pop-rock isn't that terrible but it's not exactly unique enough to stand out.

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5/13/06 @ 09:45am

I've been looking at reviews for Just My Luck but they aren't looking too positive.......I haven't seen the movie yet, but I know I still will. Has anyone out there seen it yet?

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JANE magazine5/2/06 @ 08:24pm

Mcfly have a mention, allbeit a small one, in the May issue of JANE magazine ((with Liv Tyler on the cover)).  There's a small paragraph about the film Just My Luck & it basically says the movie is only worth seeing for the "Britpop" ((I think that's the term used)) cuties that are Mcfly.  Go check it out.

PS...X posted

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:)4/5/06 @ 09:55pm



I’m not sure if you know this or not but McFly has an Official USA Promotion Team.  If you’re curious click here It’s a cute street team.  It looks better than the USA Busted one.





p.s. I read the rules. So yes for McFly spam is ok? :P
p.s.s this is also cross posted in a few places... sorry for the spam

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2/23/06 @ 12:09pm

Just wanted to show you guys McFly's myspace, incase you haven't seen it!

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2/15/06 @ 06:56pm

According to My Luck comes out in the States May 12...not March 3rd.

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2/14/06 @ 09:05pm

I saw a preview for Just My Luck before the movie Tristan and Isolde! You can briefly see McFly in the background at one point....anyone know when the movie comes out?

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