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Just My Luck album

So has anyone actually picked this up yet? I got Room on the Third Floor when I was in England a couple of years ago, and I saw that some of the tracks are on their first US release too.

I checked out the snippets on iTunes though, and I noticed that they seem to have re-recorded some of the songs for this release. Any opinions on how they compare?

I actually got into the band because of the retro-surf guitar vibe they had on that 5 Colours in Her Hair but it's replaced with a bit of an annoying/generic electric guitar, even if the vocals are less clearly teenaged. Is the trade off worth it for the other songs? I also just never got around to picking up Wonderland or whatever, but I'm guessing they've just totally ditched the beach motif. Some of their more standard pop-rock isn't that terrible but it's not exactly unique enough to stand out.
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